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Datum vydání: 15.1.2021
EAN: 5033281011262 (info)
Obsahuje nosičů: 1

V nabídce: 2 dodavatelé, od 959 Kč

Searing art rock monsterpiece dominated by a relentlessly coruscating lead guitar sonic attack as if played by a demonically possessed John McLaughlin. Flux is ex-Babe Ruth, ex-Motiffe, with lead guitar by John Grimaldi before he joined Argent and worked on their prog masterpiece 'Circus'. This LP is taken from a mono mastertape recorded on a BBC Mobile Unit at a live gig in 1973. A shocked Record Mirror journalist witnessed the concert and described it in a published Record Mirror review as 'a new form of music'. Sound quality is great and this is a band in top form playing exactly what they want, in a zone a bit like King Crimson's 'Red', but with insane guitar leads that bludgeon the listener to death. The vocalist later joined Italian prog rockers Flea On The Honey. Play this with a hangover and you will die in screaming agony. One very short track, and four very long ones. The gig ended with an IRA bomb scare. Yes really.

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28.4. - Na Rock For People prídu aj Flux Pavilion a DC Breaks

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