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Datum vydání: 31.10.2006
Žánr Folk
EAN: 0898458001621 (info)
Label: Am Sounds
Obsahuje nosičů: 1
Nosič: CD

When KCRW started playing AM's demos, moviemakers and television music supervisors starting calling. All 10 songs made it into films and television shows before the cd was ever available. For a limited time we have put AM's debut album on sale for only $5. AM brings a new twist to pop music, following in the footsteps of other less obvious pop icons such as Beck, Wilco, and The Flaming Lips. Above all it is AM's uncanny ability for writing perfect acoustic-pop hooks and his soothing voice that really sell this wonderful debut record. From Americana to folk-rock, AM's songs weave multiple variations of the pop medium with the richness of southern sounds. Jul 7 2009 8:00P Soho - ALL AGES Santa Barbara, California Jul 25 2009 10:00P Hotel Cafe Hollywood, California Aug 19 2009 8:00P Club Passim Boston, Massachusetts Aug 20 2009 8:00P World Cafe Live (downstairs) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Aug 21 2009 8:00P Canal Room New York, New York Aug 22 2009 8:00P Ram’s Head Tavern Annapolis, Maryland Aug 26 2009 8:00P Eddie’s Attic Decatur, Georgia Aug 27 2007 7:00P Merry Band Farm Silk Hope, North Carolina Aug 28 2009 8:00P Evening Muse Charlotte, North Carolina Aug 29 2009 8:00P Pour House Raleigh, North Carolina Aug 30 2009 8:00P Iota Club Arlington, Virginia Long gone are the days when you could reach over and tune into a soft rock station on the AM dial in your auto. Long stretching old American steel just passing by. Do yah remember the glisten of real chrome bumpers flashing sunspots in your eyes as yah travel down the highway? Something’s remind me of those moments, the days of making out in the back of late 70’s Cougars, the moments when you were running past your curfew. AM turns back the timeline and makes the older days sound youthful again. With just a few essential instruments like bass, drums and guitars they help replay in the mind a familiar sounding voice. The tracks take me back to better days, softer moments and a time when worries were something uncommon. AM makes the world seem complete and I’d like to put him on my 8-track player and press repeat.â (DJ Radionic) –Crater-tech At this point, all 10 songs have been placed 75 times and can be been heard in movies and television shows, including AM's song 'Playing The Game' in ABC's 'Men In Trees', Gone Away in the eighth episode of Tom Hank's HBO original series 'Big Loveâ€? (now airing in the UK on Channel 5 on Monday nights at 10pm), Mainstay? and â€?Playing The Gameâ€? in ABC's 'What About Brian?', and the songs 'Losing You', 'Playing The Game', and 'Mainstay' in three seasons of MTV’s 'The Real World'. AM’s songs can also be heard in the Sundance Festival film 'Dreamland' (with Gina Gershon)which is now available on DVD and the film 'The Naked Ape' which premiered at the Vail International Film Festival. Listen to 'Playing The Game' in the sequel to 'The Butterfly Effect'. ******************************************************************************* As heard on KCRW's 'Morning Becomes Eclectic', on WERS, WXPN...and many other AAA stations & college radio stations.. All of AM's cd's can be found at his official online store at AM's new cd SOUL VARIATIONS is on pre-selling on CDbaby right now... check it out at and also AM's new acoustic EP ENDINGS ARE BEGININGS! This is AM's debut album....TROUBLED TIMES. Live versions of AM's songs are also available on iTunes-- Live from KCRW and Live from Boston's WERS. iTunes Best Indie Albums of the Year 2006 Singer/Songwriter 1. Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins Rabbit Furcoat 2. Alexi Murdoch Time Without Consequence 3. AM Troubled Times 4. Jose Gonzalez Veneer 5. Josh Rouse Subtitulo 6. Neko Case Fox Confessor Brings the Flood 7. Brett Dennen So Much More 8. Gus Black Autumn Days 9. Sufjan Stevens The Avalanche- Outakes and… 10. M. Craft Silver and Fire 11. Tina Dico In The Red 12. Joanna Newsom YS 13. Ane Brun A Temporary Dive 14. Beth Waters This Little Piggy 15. Carey Ott Lucid Dream 16. Fink Biscuits For Breakfast 17. Leigh Nash Blue on Blue 18. Rocky Votolato Makers 19. Tunng Comments of the Inner Chorus 20. Aidan Hawken Pillows & Records Though impossible to Google--type in 'AM' and you'll see-- AM goes by his initials and is happy to be discovered by those who rock the internet looking for him. Common searches for AM: A.M. , AM singer, AM band, AM the band, music for AM, AM CD, AM sounds. AM has also shared the stage with such notable acts as The Flaming Lips, Duran Duran, Gary Jules, Rhett Miller, Michael Penn, G. Love & Special Sauce, The Wreckers (Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp), Better Then Ezra, and Amy Correia (Lakeville/Nettwerk), and Glen Tilbrook (former Squeeze songsmith). AM's second album is 'Soul Variations'. Sign up for the mailing list to find out when AM will be touring your city. (Don't worry we don't spam!) New Album 'Future Sons And Daughters' to be released 2009. Search AM Sounds on Facebook to add AM as a friend. ****** Song placements in film and television for AM's album include: HBO's 'Big Love', two songs on ABC's 'What About Brian', MTV's 'Real World', ABC's 'Life As We Know It', film sequel to 'The Butterfly Effect', indie film 'Naked Ape', and the 2006 Sundance Festival film 'Dreamland, and the indie film 'FLAKES' which was shot in New Orleans pre-Katrina. ****** Check AM's myspace page at to find out when AM will be touring in your city. Those on the mailing list hear it first--so sign up today on AM's MYSPACE page at ****** QUOTES 'This artist has been compared to Beck and Coldplay and we can hear some REM references creeping in. Whether it’s AM or PM this artist deserves some of your time...and he is set to find a new audience in the UK.' -THE HIT SHEET(UK) 'AM sounds like a mixture of Paul Simon and David Bowie.'-GARY JULES '...AM takes equal parts of classic Americana, folk-rock and pop, and melts them down into something entirely his own, and he does it with two things money can't buy: imagination and taste. These sturdily built pop songs are graced with ingeniously colorful arrangements and have that'instant classic' thing stamped all over them...' -John Payne, LA WEEKLY 'Muted electric guitar and understated, Beck-like vocals pave the road into AM’s musical world. Once you’re firmly rooted, he’ll hit you with the one-two punch of well-crafted songs and unbeatable melodies. â€?Troubled Timesâ€? features a well-placed piano line over the standard bass, drums, electric guitar and synth. â€?So Lonelyâ€? begins with a funky beat and interplay between acoustic and electric guitar; three-part harmonies and a wah-wah pedal offer support. Overall, the album demonstrates how great pop can be. AM has a real sense of how to set a chorus, and each one glistens and sparkles with extra instruments, synth pads and hooky guitar lines. With talent like this, we’ll surely see AM climb the ranks to the top.' -PERFORMING SONGWRITER '...could fit airplay on both contemporary rock and country radio stations. A clear, expressive voice similar to the style of James Taylor prevails when AM is performing solo. ...AM’s material provides deep soulful insights. '(Laura Phillips) -MUSIC CONNECTION 'With a debut album filled with songs that are laid-back while maintaining a lyrical bite... AM sounds like a cross between Mutations-era Beck and Pete Yorn and like them, he borrows liberally from country and rock, coming up with music that's a little bit different and not easily defined. He also mixes elements of folk and Americana with tight arrangements and stark lyrical content... AM's sound is a mix of genres and styles, and is apparently influenced a great deal by oldies radio, to good effect. All the songs are produced in an eerily similar way to those found on Pete Yorn's debut, with effects soaked percussion and multi-layered guitars. Over all, AM is a solid performer and album.' (Beren Huett) -WEST COAST PERFORMER 'AM's strong sense of melody and song craft made him a stand-out at our unsigned act series, Billboard Underground: Live from the Knitting Factory. Though he's unsigned for now, we know that won't be the case for long.' -Billboard ****** Gone Away Lyrics, Losing You Lyrics, Mainstay Lyrics-- all lyrics can be found on AM's MYSPACE page at in the archived'll have to dig a little...or below. ****** If you like any of these artists, you will be interested in AM: Beck, John Martyn, Coldplay, Wilco, Pete Yorn, Jack Johnson, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, REM, Iron and Wine, Flaming Lips, U2, David Gray, Josh Ritter, Gary Jules, Carole King, John Mayer, Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel, David Bowie, T-Rex, The Eagles, The Byrds, My Morning Jacket, Paul Simon, James Blunt, Carly Simon, Jorge Ben, Dave Mathews, Ray Lamontagne, Jason Mraz, Duncan Sheik, Bruce Springsteen, Emmylou Harris, Danielle Lanoise, James Taylor, KT Tunstall, Cat Power, Dido, Beth Orton, Corrine Bailey Rae, David Gray, The Fray, Magnet, AM, Jose Gonzalez, Tina Dico, Herb Alpert, Sia, Ben Harper, The Fray, Jenny Lewis, Regina Spectre, Sheryl Crow, Teddy Geiger, Sufjan Stevens, Norah Jones, Alexi Murdoch, Jon Brion, Aimee Mann, Keith Urban, David Gray, Belle & Sebastian, Ray La Montagen, Damien Rice, Daniel Powter, Ryan Adams, Zero 7, The Wreckers, Imogen Heap, Jewel, Michelle Branch, Amos Lee, Bob Dylan, Neko Case, Tegan and Sarah, Gordon Lightfoot, Ani Defranco, Elliott Smith, Emmy Lou Harris, John Denver, The Pogues, Donovan, Tim Hardin, Josh Rouse, Eva Cassidy, John Prine, Peter Paul & Mary, Lucinda Williams, Johnny Cash, Joan Baez, Ian and Sylvia, Rilo Kiley, Grandaddy etc. AM is heavily influenced by his cd collection which includes: Beck, Wilco, The Flaming Lips, U2, Coldplay, Jeff Buckley, Italian soundtracks, anything Brazillian, 60's and 70's rock, Stereolab, Nick Drake, Stevie Wonder, anything from Mowtown, New Orleans music, The Spinners, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Smokey Robinson, Gary Jules, The Beach Boys, Tom Petty, The Byrds, Simon and Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Tamba 4, Sergio Mendez, Gabor Szabo, James Brown, Cal Tjader, Jorge Ben, Ennio Morricone, David Axelrod, Sonny and Cher, The Police, The Eagles, McCoy Tyner, Grant Green, Johnny Cash, The Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Jackson Brown, Daniel Lanois, Brian Eno and so much more. ****** Listeners on Itunes also bought: Couting Crows, Zero 7, Keane, Alexi Murdoch, Guster, Rock Kills Kid, Gorillaz, Mono Taxi, The 88, Ashton Allen, The Stepbrothers, Ben Harper, Etienne de Rocher, Carety Ott, Death Cab for Cutie, Collin Hay, Coldplay, Daniel Powter, Fall Out Boy, Mike Doughty, Feist, Hot Hot Heat, Bright Eyes, Caesars, Kelly Clarkson, Magnet, AM Sixy, Foo Fighters, Modest Mouse, Snow Patrol, Finely Quaye, Jeff Buckley, Joe Strummer, Journey, Foreigner, Chumbawamba, Jason Fioto, Keith Varon, Caleb Kane, Light FM, Lou Barlow Andrew Bird, Cruiserwieght, Five TImes August, Tracy Spuehler, The Lift, Macha, Moco, Rachael Yamagata, Eleni Mandell, The Damnwells... ****** Check out AM's other cd, the 'MAINSTAY REMIX' which also includes the Mainstay music video. Click on AM's 5 song REMIX EP. ******LYRICS FOR TROUBLED TIMES GONE AWAY I sit around Nothing’s the same I’m looking for answers But I’m already late You say you need me One more night’ Then you’re packing your bags Saying it’s all right I don’t know why I wait and I wait I’m looking for something But you’re not gonna change Turn around and I see the hope fading Now you’ve gone away Keep on moving like you’re so unaware You’re looking for answers but you’re already there You see the road but you don’t the way You’re coming around and then you’re pulling away i don’t know why I wait and I wait I’m looking for something but you’re not gonna change Turn around and I see the hope fading Now you’ve gone away PLAYING THE GAME Give me something to talk about Take your time Tell me something to do without I’ll wait in line I don’t know What to say Move along Anyway Take it slow Lonely road Is the path That I seem to follow All I want to do is be true to my ways Leaning back and forward we’re playing the game All this pain I’ve cause you I know it by name Taking this ticket walking away Taking all that has come and gone You know we’re wrong Watching everyone hum along We’re still untold Fall in love Let it go I don’t know What it’s for Take a stand Falling down Dig on in Cuz it’s all that you’ve got now TROUBLED TIMES Waiting You sit alone Feelings have all faded You’re wondering why you have stayed You’re looking for some answers Hoping there’s some other way Just tell me when you’re ready We’ll get you far far away Far from these troubled times Looking at the way you stand and fall Seems like everything you’ve had is gone Tell me that you’ve heard this all before I’ll say it anyway Leave this You’ve seen that road Just find another city Get this out of your way You’re hiding out wondering How to get rid of this pain You talk a bunch of nothing Seems so easy to see You’ve seen enough troubled times SO LONELY You once asked me Why did I do it Wasn’t nothing to it I found Cuz you stole me Thinking you owned me But you’re so lonely now And you were worried Making up stories Hoping I would be out And you ruled me Saying what would be Now I just see you around I’ll tell you something You’re not gonna win this time because I’m through You’re good for nothing You saw right through me I don’t think you knew Who the hell I was And I was waiting Thinking you were changing Hoping you’d turn this around But you were faking Hanging on maybe Now you’re just lost in the crowd And you fooled me Saying you knew me You were just keeping me down And you were crazy Thinking you’d change me Now I’m just walking on out RUNNING AWAY Did I tell you I knew your name But it seems that I’ve lost it Did I tell you it’s my own game This is not your problem I don’t know if I’m gonna change Wasting time and another day I keep running away Even from the good things DId I tell you it’s not that bad Sitting over here dreaming Did I tell you I’m right on track This time I mean it I don’t know if I’m gonna change Wasting time and another day I keep running away Even from the good things MAINSTAY I don’t mean to tell you something about you But you’re looking unsettled Lone riders pulling all nighters But you’re always nice and steady Weigh stations got your troubles parading But the problems never seem to hang on Unabated so you must have been hated Everybody’s got to clean up faking I don’t wanna tell you cuz you’re looking that way Fine tooth combing everyone that you know Sit around and wonder how you keep up the mainstay Take a look around can you fight this feeling You’re fine looking but it seems you’re undusted Have you anything to say And roads traveled are desires unsaddled But you’re going all the way And I’ve fallen so you say that I’m wasted But you’re moving on and doing nothin’ You’re losing faith in all the things that you’ve tasted Don’t you know what you’re missing CITY SYNDROME Looking out at the city so bright Not sure if it’s imagined or real Show me something that you’d always want to hide And then we’ll get away You always wanted to say what you feel But all those right hands keep telling you wrong Got another who’s just stepping on your heels Got to get away Get away from All these troubled and all of these lies Find yourself a reason Leave tonight Take your chances Feeling alright And then we’ll fade away Fade away tonight Helpless highways looking alone Seen nothing but the worst of your times All in all it â€?s got you climbing up the walls You gotta get away Get away from All these troubled and all of these lies Find yourself a reason Leave tonight Take your chances Feeling alright And then we’ll fade away Fade away tonight WAYSIDE It’s hard to come back when you’re far from home Up all night with all that I’ve ever known Wish I could give you things that you need Wish I could need you but I walk alone But I sit by the wayside Feeling all that I’ve lost and found We’ re so incomplete But I know I know I’ll never come around But I’ve got you on my mind Try to catch up but I fall behind Too busy checking out what’s on the side Wish I could tell you what you want to hear Wish I could tell you that it’s all a lie But I sit by the wayside Feeling all that I’ve lost and found We’ re so incomplete But I know I know I’ll never come around But I’ve got you on my mind HOME Waiting for the sun to rise Was it something I said Feeling all that is right and wrong Mixing up in my head Won’t you just let me come around Cuz you know that I can Bring me back to just what I know A home I’m alone All troubled pass in time And we can make it through You tell me that it’s not what I say But what I can do I can’t make it alone I want to come home Blinded by these city lights Now they just got in the way And it’s so lonely this evening town It makes no sense anyway Now it’s what you say that I’m riding on Cuz all those times I let you down You were there to stay All troubles pass in time And we can make it through You tell me that it’s not what I say But what I can do I can’t make it alone I want to come home LOSING YOU I saw a road that had no end I wanted you So I followed it And what you take is what you should give But the stories came And the stories went I gave so much of myself to you But that’s alright I wanted to Nothing learned don’t know what to do There’s no lesson here I’m losing you Now you wanted nothing we talked about I thought I had You figured out I had so much to give you now I was sure of you But you had your doubts Now don’t you worry you’re not to blame I’ve been on your side Playing those games Now you’re just in a different place There’s nothing left Let’s walk away ****** Wrote the lyrics out for all those looking for them... Please make sure to leave a comment! ****** PRESS RELEASE 2007 AM PERFORMING AT ASCAP SHOWCASE SXSW 2007, Borders Books Stores, Starbucks and Coca-Cola Featuring AM, Debut CD Troubled Times named iTunes â€?Best Indie Album of the Yearâ€?, and Announcing West Coast Tour Dates AM will be performing at the ASCAP showcase at South By Southwest Music Festival 2007 (SXSW) on Saturday, March 17th with more party performances TBA. Itunes named AM’s debut album Troubled Times â€?Best Indie Album of the Year. Borders Books chose Troubled Times to showcase in their listening stations in all nationwide locations in February, March and April 2007. Starbucks has just added AM to their in-store music playlist of 5,000 stores across the country. AM will be touring the West Coast with Brian Vander Ark formerly the frontman and principle songwriter of The Verve Pipe at the end of February/beginning of March. Last year, AM performed at the KCRW SXSW showcase as the only unsigned act on the bill. After entertaining several offers, AM licensed his first album to NYC indie label Defend Music (Caroline Distribution). AM’s second album Soul Variations is currently being shopped for licensing for a 2007 release. All 10 songs from AM’s debut album Troubled Times were placed in film and television shows (26 song placements to date) including HBO's 'Big Love'', MTV's 'Real World', and ABC's â€?What About Brian’—all before singer/ songwriter AM released his debut album into record stores just three months ago on October 31, 2006 on Defend Music. From the opening seconds of Troubled Times, you’ll hear a compelling blend of rock, Alt-Americana, and eclectic pop which lends to the unique quality of AM’s sound. AM recently completed a stint of Northeast dates with singer/songwriter Rhett Miller, opened a sold out show for the famed rockers Better Than Ezra, as well as country sensation, The Wreckers (Michelle Branch), and performed on the main stage in his home town of New Orleans at the Voodoo Music Festival with The Flaming Lips. In February 2007, Coca-Cola will feature AM as the artist of the month. A syndicated television concert special will feature AM’s Jeep Sponsored West Coast Tour. AM has built a solid base within the Los Angeles area with air play on KCRW’s â€?Morning Becomes Eclectic,â€? and is charting on AAA/college radio stations across the country. Recently, AM was featured on iTunes as the â€?Indie Artist Spotlight,â€? of the week, and as a featured artist. AM has also received accolades from, LA Weekly, who named him the Best Singer/Songwriter of the Year at the LA Weekly Music Awards, West Coast Performer, Music Connection, and others. AM is supported by Gibson Guitar and will be playing his Gibson J-45. For more information on AM, please visit or or email

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