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Žánr Country
EAN: 9324690030347 (info)
Label: Croxton Records
Obsahuje nosičů: 1
Nosič: CD

Popis - WAHINE:
Totally believable songs; outstanding.. ( Billy Pinnell, MAG, Australia ) Aided and abetted by a stellar line-up of musicians, this is music that wanders freely off the country reservation, bringing soul-infused horns, gospel and folk traditions along for the ride..a great album of songs.. ( Jarrod Watt, ABC Radio, Australia ) A calm, clear voice that's neither overtly Melbourne nor Memphis. ( The Age, Melbourne ) Wahine was released in 2008 on small Melbourne-based label CROXTON RECORDS; now defunct, its many roots-influenced artists have continued to shine, and to collaborate. Two of its leading lights, Sarah Carroll and Marcel Borrack, worked at Borrack's home studio for a year to produce Wahine, using some of the finest musicians that legendary city has to offer (including Sarah's very talented husband, Chris Wilson, on harmonica) to provide the best possible settings for Sarah's wry, earthy and sometimes heartbreaking lyrics. The feel of the album is relaxed and effortless, even on the uptempo tunes, where the playing is dazzling but never outshines the songs themselves. ' We had a ball making this record and really enjoyed the artistic freedom and creative intimacy of the small studio set-up. While the moods move from gentle and dreamy to bold and strong, the joy in the music we shared is there throughout, ' Sarah says of the experience.

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